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Automatic extinguisher laser welding machine for stainless steel glass
  ZXL-BL300/ZXL-BL500 automatic laser welding of stainless steel with glass extinguisher equipment Description:
  ◆ Automatic laser welding machine for stainless steel glass extinguisher, is currently an advanced welding equipment in stainless steel, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on!
  ◆ Has the stability and appearance of the fuselage structure and accessories are Delta, atea, Omron and other world famous brand products,
  ◆ High efficiencyUsing high precision servo motor feeding, high speed Pneumatic clamping feeding, cutting, precision welding, auto-off, one-stop auto production,
  ◆ High qualityWeld products into gray, needs nitrogen surface smooth and beautiful, without burrs, welding affordable colour fastness elongated 5mm, does not need a second elongate qualitative; unsoldering rate is less than 0.1%,
  ◆ High energy-savingEquipment with no plastic, card, automatic alarm stop function,
  ◆ Low costBusinesses currently face a difficult dilemma, the equipment will process the merge is complete, 1 workers can operate 3 welding machines
  Apply glass extinguisher size: steel thickness width of 0.18mm---0.3mm    steel 15mm---50mm    steel with diameter 100mm----300mm   
automatic laser welding machines and traditional energy storage welding machine advantages:

Automatic laser welding machine

Traditional stored energy welding machine

Effect of welding

The weld surface appearance, Burr-free, eliminating the grinding and polishing processes

Weld is not formed, needs polishing and grinding process

Welding efficiency

Every 8 hours welding output at 7000 to 9000 , and high efficiency

Skilled workers every day 8 hour production output of 3000 to 4500 or so, low production efficiency

Welding defect rate

Defect rate can be controlled within 0.1%Almost no defects

Artificial defect rate of up to 1%-5% between the steel tape diameter wide defective rate higher and higher

Cost of production

Save labor: a worker can operate multiple devices to achieve fully automatic loading and unloading of welding, just ordinary workers fit.

Skilled manual labor, and one can only look at a piece of equipment, costs are fully automatic laser welder twice times

No polishing,

Grinding and polishing, polishing costs each cost a few cents to a dime,

Scrap costs extremely low, 10000 calculations (10000*0.1%=10 ) defective in the 10 or so, the negligible cost of waste.

Higher scrap costs, 10000 calculations (10000*1%=100-10000*5%=500) defective in the 100 to 500 between value of steel as the material be

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