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Classic Center of excellence-faith solutionsthe solution
Rock solid product quality
Equipped with imported equipment, stable performance
Laser xenon lamp, lenses and other wearing parts long life
Electro-optic conversion rate is higher, more energy-producing environment;
To provide professional automation of
laser applications

Free welding proofing and professional welding process to explain
For a variety of industries provide a complete automated laser application solutions
Industry - specific non - standard laser equipment custom
We only focus on laser

13 years to focus on laser welding equipment R & D and manufacturing
Rich professional laser welding industry experience
Thousands of customers experience in cooperation
Perfect after-sales service

After-sales service outlets throughout the country
Customer response time within 2 hours, reach the maintenance site of not more than 48 hours
Technical maintenance services staff have more than 3 years of practical experience
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Dongguan zx laser Technology Co., Ltd. is the authoritative precision laser welding equipment manufacturers, we only focus on laser welding laser welding equipment manufacturing technology research and development and sales, is committed to providing customers with comprehensive full range of application solutions for laser welding.

Laser brings together a group of talents with innovative spirit and professionalism, in the Decade of domestic research and development of laser welding equipment photonics, precision machinery, CNC Software and other technical personnel, is laser always adhere to the "quality and service is the lifeline of business" principle....
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Automatic laser welding machine with SHS welding technology SHS welding technology of automatic laser welding machine, laser welding is to have excellent directivity, high brightness, high strength, high monochromaticity, Gao Xianggan characteristics of laser radiation to the surface of the workpiece in the region...【More
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Laser Green laser greater stability Greater stability through green laser of laser equipment but the cost is too high...
Selected laser welding rather than the main cause of TIG welding Selected laser welding instead of TIG welding is the main reason the former in...
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