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Dongguan zx laser Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan zx laser Technology Co., Ltd. is the authoritative precision laser welding equipment manufacturers, we only focus on laser welding laser welding equipment manufacturing technology research and development and sales, is committed to providing customers with comprehensive full range of application solutions for laser welding.

Laser brings together a group of talents with innovative spirit and professionalism, in the Decade of domestic research and development of laser welding equipment photonics, precision machinery, CNC Software and other technical personnel, is laser always adhere to the "quality and service is the lifeline of business" principle, continuing to create value for the customer. I introduced the most advanced testing equipment, through rigorous testing, installation and commissioning, full production quality management system to ensure the company's products iron and steel-like quality, after years of effort, laser in the field of development and application of laser welding equipment, has been in a leading position, and products to provide customers with tailored non-standard automatic welding machine.

Dongguan zx laser Technology Co., Ltd. in the "quality, innovation, efficiency, and service" business philosophy, and determined to become the main supplier of laser processing equipment at home and abroad, to provide customers with quality products and efficient service. The company's main products include: automatic laser welder, high power laser welding machine, mobile phone case laser welding machine, laser welding machine motor rotor, shower laser welding machine, laser welding machine for stainless steel teapot, tees, laser welding machines, medical equipment laser welding machine, laser welding machine cutter shaft, mug laser welding machine, water pump impeller laser welding machine, and more!

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