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Hand-held laser welding machine
Handheld laser welding machine is a high energy laser beam is coupled into the optical fiber, after long distance, through a collimator lens alignment parallel light, focused on implementation of a laser welding device on the workpiece. Parts for welding are difficult to access, and flexible transfer non-touch soldering, with greater flexibility. Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine, laser beam can be time and energy of light, capable of simultaneous processing of multiple beams, to provide more sophisticated welding conditions.

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Specifically for some welding but bulky and inconvenient to move product design and development, can be very flexible for this type of product welding, lighting industry, for example some large lamp, lamp and so on can be used, also has a large stainless steel kitchen cabinet spot and continuous welding effect is very practical, efficiency is also the traditional 5-10!
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