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Selected laser welding rather than the main cause of TIG welding

Selected laser welding instead of TIG welding is the main reason the former in the process cycle time significantly reduced because laser faster than TIG welding up to 3 times, increasing from 1.2 m/min to 3.5 m/minute, when using 3.2kW laser welding materials of thickness 1.2 mm, are nearly 3 times faster times as fast. In addition, using the laser to ensure the power completely cover the full length, so it will not occur at pipe ends of lower quality due to power on/off status.
Weil engineering also developed an additional features for catalytic converters, called the "reflow". Because the laser welding start end end end firmer, so this method may be sturdy welded at both ends. The principle is: the welding direction, reaching the total length of the welds at 3/4, stop welding and torch continues to run under the zero power to the tube end and begin reverse weld eventually will be slightly overlaps with the welding before. By using the "reflow" pipe in pipe expanding case has a better breaking performance.
And that is another big advantage of using a laser in laser power when switch on the welding machine to another. Not only would almost 100% use of laser power, and by sharing power between two devices and reduce investment.
Another big advantage of using lasers is welding all materials including coated metals, such as plating or aluminized steel. Eberspaecher companies should be given sufficient flexibility to cope with future projects. Moreover, laser welding seam can be enhanced by annealing, to deal with the upcoming expansion tubes after welding. Compared to laser welding with the TIG welding of one big disadvantage is its high initial purchase prices and relatively high operating costs. However, the laser system, although its sales price is about 30% higher than the TIG system, but its capacity was 80% higher than the TIG system, higher quality and tube end. The TRUMPF CO2 laser systems used in thousands of cutting and welding applications demonstrated are sturdy and durable product. In addition, the lasers can be integrated in the system at a reasonable cost, need safety devices with arc welding process as easy.
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