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Laser welding robots improving labor productivity and weld quality is more stable

Laser welding is widely used. While welding robot in high quality, high efficiency welding plays an extremely important role in the production, robotic welding, workers only need to load and unload workpieces, away from the welding arc, such as smoke and splashes; resistance spot welding, workers no longer need to transport bulky manual electrode holder, extricate themselves from the intense physical labor. Its main features are as follows:
And improving productivity
Robot day 24h continuous production with the application of welding technology for high speed and high efficiency, the use of robots welding, more obvious efficiency.
Second, stable performance, stable welding quality
Welding parameters such as current, voltage, welding speed and welded extension on welding results played a decisive role. Manual welding, the welding speed, the extension is changed, it is difficult to achieve quality homogeneity of the used robot welding, welding parameters of each weld is constant weld quality is less affected by anthropogenic factors, reduces the operation technique requirements, weld quality is very stable.
Third, shortened product retrofit replacement cycle
Robot and the big difference here is that it can be done by modifying the program to adapt to different parts of the production, small batch products automatic welding can be realized.
四、 cycle clear
Cycle time of the robot is fixed, easy to control production, production planning is very clear.
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