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Automatic laser welding machine with SHS welding technology

Automatic laser welding machine and SHS welding technology, laser welding is will has excellent of directional, and high brightness, and high strength, and high monochrome sex, and Gao Xianggan sex, features of laser beam radiation to processing artifacts surface regional within, laser beam after optical system focused Hou, its laser focus of power density for 104-107W/cm2, through laser and was welding real of mutual role, in very short of time within makes was welding at formed a can height concentrated of heat district, Thermal crystallization by cooling after welding zone melting solid welds and welds.
According to the different lasers and how they work, commonly used in laser welding in two ways, one is pulsed laser welding, continuous and book material is mainly used for single-point fixing welding, welding with a rounded spot; another for continuous laser welding, mainly used for welding and cutting of large thick, formed a continuous weld a welding process. Generally speaking, material selection, selection of laser welding machine for welding, machining table selection, are the main factors influencing the effects of laser welding. Melting phenomena and for the welding process can produce and intensity depends mainly on laser generated surface time, power density and peak power, controlling all of the above parameters can be using the laser for a variety of welding processing.
Automatic laser welding laser welding, beam focus position is one of the most control of key process parameters, welding speed and laser power, only within the focus is in the best position to get maximum penetration and good welding shape.
In General, the SHS welded three processes: ignition, compression and thermal insulation. Ignition in many ways, such as arc, spark, flame, strong currents, high temperature furnace, electron beams, laser and microwave, heat radiation, chemical heaters. Welding of pressure magnitude and time is the key to success. SHS composite material without pressure, due to its porosity and gas produced in the reaction, will result in a large number of pores. Reactants in the weld is not allowed, therefore must be compact, the usual method is pressure in the reaction process. Simple pressure may not receive density, should also be insulated.
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